Guided Tours

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Hiking Tour

With so many mountains and islands in Hong Kong, hiking is a great way to explore the other side of Hong Kong. From scenic trails, to round island routes and challenging waterfall routes, Hong Kong is much more than a city.

Join us on one of our local guided tours!


Rock Climbing

Climbing is as close as we can come to flying, you'd be amazed at what is possible within the wilds of Hong Kong,Challenge yourself to reach the top of the rock and reward yourself with the view from above. Our instructors will coach you on technique and help you have a successful and fun day on the rock !


River Trekking

Stream Trekking in Hong Kong is an incredibly scenic experience as you will find the hidden beauty just around the corner. From an inconspicuous entrance, follow by a little stream, tracing up the stream, you will find a pool, a waterfall, and an incredible view, that you couldn't imagine.




Having a relaxing vacation and a camping getaway in the great outdoors! We have safer campsite where you can chill in the nature and enjoy the star at night. We provide all the camping gear, best for family or group of friends to have a sweet weekend. Let us know of you need and we can create an itinerary to suit your needs.