* Experience Rock Climbing Day

* Learn basic technique of rock climbing

* Taste the joy of success.

Challenge yourself to reach the top of the rock and reward yourself with the view from above. Our instructors will coach you on technique and help you have a successful and fun day on the rock!

“I’d like to join the day, but I’ve never tried climbing before!” with Mount. HK, we hear this a lot. The good news is, we have just the right event for you! Our introduction to Rock Climbing Fun day is designed to have fun out on the rock where you will be introduced to the basics of rock climbing

We will introduce you to the basics of top-rope climbing. Top-rope climbing (or top-roping) is the easiest, simplest, and safest way to climb. During this course, we won’t just take you climbing: we will teach you how to belay, and help you develop the fundamentals you need to be a responsible and knowledgeable climber. You’ll get lots of time climbing. Our instructors will also help you to take some awesome photos.

Photos from previous Guided Rock Climbing Tour:

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Meet at closest MTR Station. Chat with old and new friends and get excited! Transport and follow up hike up to the rock site.

*Mosquito repellent is highly recommended.

11:00 approx.  

Arrive at the rock site.

11:15 ~ 12:30

Introducing equipment and safety rules, Climbing skill input, and Have Fun.

Break for lunch.

13:30 ~ 15:30

Continue climbing, have fun on the rock. Photos taking.

15:30 ~ 16:00

Optional Challenge of a difficult route.

16:00 ~ 16:30

Round up the rock site, and head back down to the MTR station.


Certified Climbing Instructor for the day

Climbing Helmets and Harnesses

Awesome photo taking service

Cold/Warm Drink at Lunch Time

Tour Cost : $1000 per person


Rental Gear: Climbing Shoes $30

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